What are some Indications of a Bad Hire 

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NNo matter what profession you would be facing there would be a hiring process that you have to face. You could be a layer, a speech pathologist, a teacher, a doctor and other professional not everyone would fit in to the workplace pretty well. It is important that you hire right professional for you and the office. They would either help create the energy in the workplace or make the workplace a little too frustrating to work in.  


You should learn to create a workplace that understand their signature or themselves. Here are some of the indications of a great workplace.  

NUMBER 1: There is Collaboration  

When your office learns to communicate and learns to collaborate with each other. The workplace will function with little to no frustration. Collaboration is an important part of any setting as it ensures that there is communication and that since everyone is amicable to ensuring that they keep their end well manage nothing too worry about.  

NUMBER 2: Management allows the employees to do their Job  

There should be a trust between the management and the employees that employees would be able to do their job well. Sometimes management micromanage the other employees job that is why it is pretty difficult for employees to gain confidence in what they do.  

You should know what a bad hire looks like so you can avoid them. There are great professional that would still be not good in the workplace. Not because they do not know what they are doing but rather because they cannot fit in.  

INDICATION 1: When you hire an employee they don’t share your company goals. 

When your employee doesn’t share your company culture it will make it hard for them to do what they need to do in order to make the company better. They aren’t necessarily a bad person or bad employee they just don’t share the same principle, beliefs and values with the company and that would be a difficult transition for them. 

INDICATION 2: When you hire an employee they makes excuses for everything. 

An employee that doesn’t share any of the company goals will make excuses for everything. They would always have something to say to negate whatever they needed to do to achieve a great end result.  

INDICATION 3: When you hire an employee they fail to work with others. 

Again, when an employee doesn’t share the same culture with the rest of the company. Collaboration may be hard due to conflicting beliefs. So, this would result in the failure to connect and work with other employees in the company. 

INDICATION 4: Your hired an employee that struggles to fulfill their job. 

When an employee doesn’t have the motivation to do their job because they feel dissatisfied. They will more than likely feel a struggle in fulfilling their job. When you they don’t share your vision and mission they won’t feel any satisfaction into any minute working to achieve the company goal. 

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